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SubjectRe: libata extension
Vitaliyi wrote:
> Good Day
> Say i want to implement extended set of ATA commands available to
> userspace for building diagnostic tools.
> I need 0x40 -- read verify and 0x32 -- write long with error handling,
> for example. I was trying ide driver through ioctl's, but seems it
> lack of functionality and full of gotchas. Furthermore it oopses
> sometimes.

Use the SCSI SG_IO ioctl() with opcode=ATA_16,
which gives you access to the ATA Passthrough mechanism.
This will work for most ATA commands.

I already use it in hdparm and in some other utilities
for scanning/repairing drives.

A notable exeception are the READ/WRITE LONG opcodes,
which require an extra kernel patch from me,
awaiting merge into libata some year.


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