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SubjectRe: License violation?
Jiri Slaby wrote:
> Hi.
> I have a GPL driver (written by me) with workarounds, since I hadn't
> know-how, when I wrote it. Now I've got 2.4 proprietary driver from
> the vendor. Is use of the 2.4 driver know-how OK? (And could be such
> driver merged?)
> These are lines from the proprietary driver:
> This source file is provided as part of the SensAble
> Technologies PDD/GHOST Software Development Toolkit in
> order to facilitate the use of PCI-based PHANToM haptic
> interface devices across various Linux kernel revisions.
> It is meant to be recompiled without modification. It
> should NOT be modified in any way. Any modification of
> this source code will void any and all software and/or
> hardware warranties and maintenance agreements with
> SensAble Technologies or its assignees. Furthermore,
> modification of this source file may result in the damage
> or failure of the user's hardware. SensAble Technologies
> and its assignees assume no responsibility for any damage
> or injury resulting from the modification of this file.
> It's obvious, that if somebody was using the GPL driver, he'll lost
> warranty et al. (But this is not the question.)

Seems reasonable to me. This isn't license text. They're not saying
you can't modify it; they're just saying you own the pieces if you
modify it and break it. Is there an actual license?

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