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SubjectRe: MOST(Media Oriented Systems Transport) Interface?
On Wed 28 Feb 2007 19:11, Bernhard Walle pondered:
> * Jan Kiszka <> [2007-03-01 00:22]:
> > This might be what you are looking for:
> >
> >

That's it - thanks for the pointer & Bernhard - thanks for the work.

What is the plan for this? It looks like you did the work on 2.6.14, what is
the plan going forward? Is this something that you or anyone else wants to
maintain/support newer devices on?

> It only supports synchronous data transfer. The Most NetServices are
> in userspace. There's a OpenSource demonstration available, but no
> full NetServices implementation. You can buy a license from SMC or use
> the specification to re-write an OSS implementation. However, that's
> all userspace, so no GPL problem here. :)

Is there any effort on making an open source NetServices implementation?

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