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SubjectRe: -mm merge plans for 2.6.21

> As long as nobody takes the address of them (which wouldn't compile today
> anyway) then the compiler should be able to not allocate store for these.
> That they're const might help too.

are you really sure?
> > why not just bite the bullet?
> > removing version.h also broke the same all external modules, and they
> > got fixed in days.. no big deal. kernel api change all the time, this
> > one has been around in "double mode" quite some time...
> Pretty much every driver in the world will want these symbols. I expect
> we'll help some people by doing this, and the cost to us is very small.

well the same people had to change for the request_irq prototype change
etc etc.

I suppose they'll all get fixed if some distro does this cleanup
anyway... otherwise no amount of deprecation will get things changed;
unless the compile actually breaks nobody will pay attention.

Also quite a few external drivers that are aiming for mainline inclusion
should already be using the new settings for a while anyway...

Another option is to back out the change again totally; having 2
constants for the same thing is just a bad idea, and old users will keep
sneaking in.

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