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SubjectRe: posix-timers overrun broken?
> On Wed, 2007-02-07 at 14:36 +0100, Milan Svoboda wrote:
> > But if the next interrupt arrives before function collect_signal is
> > to actually deliver the
> > siginfo_t to userspace, the si.overrun is cleared in posix_timer_event
> > we have just forgotten
> > one overrun...
> >
> > Am I wrong?
> Yes. posix_timer_event() is only called when the timer expires the first
> time. When the signal has been queued, the timer is not rearmed and the
> overrun is calculated in the actual signal delivery path, which calls
> do_schedule_next_timer().

Ok understand.

So it seems to me that drivers/char/mmtimer.c is wrong. It is
driver to additional hardware timers and mmtimer exports them as a posix
When interrupt happens, they call posix_timer_event and set hardware
to the next tick. I use the same practise in my driver and found
that overruns are reported wrongly.

How to plug "external" source of ticks to the posix timers?

As far as I know current HRT doesn't allow us to use more sources of
ticks together, only one is selected, correct?


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