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Subject[PATCH 0/5] sysctl cleanup selinux fixes

Andrew these are a set up simple fixes against the rollup you
sent me last night that should leave selinux working and should
close out the last of the outstanding issue with my sysctl cleanup.

Knowing how you organize I expect you will want to file most of
these as fix patches.

Patch 1 sysctl: Remove declaration of nonexistent sysctl_init
This is a small fix against "sysctl: Reimplement the sysctl proc support"
where I remove sysctl_init() but forgot to remove it's prototype in

Patch 2 sysctl: Set the parent field in the root sysctl table
This is a small fix against
"sysctl: Add a parent entry to ctl_table and set the parent entry."
where I forgot to call sysctl_set_parent on the root sysctl table.

Patch 3: sysctl: Fix selinux_sysctl_getsid
This is a small fix against
"sysctl: Restore the old selinux sysctl handling."

Patch 4: selinux: Enhance selinux to always ignore private inodes
Patch 5: sysctl: Hide the sysctl proc inodes from selinux

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