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SubjectRe: [uml-devel] UML hang with 100% CPU
> No, it doesn't.  This is a strace on the host, I take it?


> Can you get backtraces from the processes?

Here's one:

#0 0xffffe410 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#1 0xb7f0fbc3 in write () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/
#2 0x08066f52 in file_io (fd=10, buf=0x8a0fc8b, len=1,
io_proc=0x8056a68 <write@plt>,
copy_user_proc=0x8059826 <copy_to_user_proc>)
at arch/um/os-Linux/file.c:337
#3 0x08067002 in os_write_file (fd=10, buf=0x8a0fc8b, len=1)
at arch/um/os-Linux/file.c:359
#4 0x08069317 in update_thread () at arch/um/os-Linux/sigio.c:127
#5 0x080694eb in add_sigio_fd (fd=8) at arch/um/os-Linux/sigio.c:183
#6 0x080581b2 in reactivate_fd (fd=8, irqnum=11) at arch/um/kernel/irq.c:290
#7 0x08059f5f in sigio_interrupt (irq=11, data=0x0)
at arch/um/kernel/sigio.c:25
#8 0x08094759 in handle_IRQ_event (irq=11, action=0x8798380)
at kernel/irq/handle.c:141
#9 0x080947fb in __do_IRQ (irq=11) at kernel/irq/handle.c:233
#10 0x0805829c in do_IRQ (irq=11, regs=0x879c3b0) at arch/um/kernel/irq.c:361
#11 0x08057e58 in sigio_handler (sig=29, regs=0x879c3b0)
at arch/um/kernel/irq.c:105
#12 0x0806d31e in sig_handler_common_skas (sig=29, sc_ptr=0x0)
at arch/um/os-Linux/skas/trap.c:52
#13 0x08069c8a in unblock_signals () at arch/um/os-Linux/signal.c:217
#14 0x0810500c in __make_request (q=0x8799a94, bio=0x895f8c0)
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
at block/ll_rw_blk.c:3016
#15 0x08105433 in generic_make_request (bio=0x895f8c0)
at block/ll_rw_blk.c:3212
#16 0x08105509 in submit_bio (rw=1, bio=0x895f8c0) at block/ll_rw_blk.c:3251
#17 0x080d09cb in submit_bh (rw=1, bh=0x9d5a8c0) at fs/buffer.c:2681
#18 0x080f8fcd in journal_do_submit_data (wbuf=0x8759000, bufs=3)
at fs/jbd/commit.c:170
#19 0x080f90e0 in journal_submit_data_buffers (journal=0x88ff580,
commit_transaction=0x8c07500) at fs/jbd/commit.c:275
#20 0x080f935c in journal_commit_transaction (journal=0x88ff580)
at fs/jbd/commit.c:432
#21 0x080fba41 in kjournald (arg=0x88ff580) at fs/jbd/journal.c:151
#22 0x0808905a in kthread (_create=0x889fc4c) at kernel/kthread.c:105
#23 0x080690f1 in run_kernel_thread (fn=0x8088fb3 <kthread>, arg=0x889fc4c,
jmp_ptr=0x879c688) at arch/um/os-Linux/process.c:289
#24 0x0805c975 in new_thread_handler () at arch/um/kernel/skas/process.c:64
#25 0x00000000 in ?? ()

And the other doesn't seem to be so interesting:

#0 0xffffe410 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#1 0xb7f157cb in poll () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/
#2 0x0806913b in write_sigio_thread (unused=0x0)
at arch/um/os-Linux/sigio.c:61
#3 0xb7f1f51e in clone () from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/

Strangely enough after continuing in gdb, UML is back to normal, and I
can't make it hang any more. It must be something timing related.


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