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SubjectRe: [patch] MTD: fix DOC2000/2001/2001PLUS build error

On Tue, 6 Feb 2007, David Woodhouse wrote:
> Out of interest, which people would this be? Not me, certainly.
> I _use_ select, for options which don't have questions. There were two
> such instances in the context of Ingo's mail of $subject, even.
> And the thing Randy was saying "yes" to, which you elided but I've
> restored in the above quotation, was the idea of turning 'select' into
> 'depends on' for _user-visible_ options. NOT for the ones which don't
> have a question.

Example: crypto api. SCSI. firewall "expert mode". Any number of things.

Qutie often, the questions themselves are *conditional*. For example, look
at the whole INPUT layer thing. It is a real question, but only for
EMBEDDED - normally, we just assume we'll use it (but it's a classic
example of where we could have used a "select" from the keyboard driver

For normal people, it's a question that simply shouldn't be asked. You
don't ask normal users whether they want to hook up keyboards and mice
(and trust me when I say that: we _used_ to ask. It generated tons of
totally idiotic noise).

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