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    SubjectRe: 2.6.20-rc6-mm3
    On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 15:35 -0800, Daniel Walker wrote:
    > Last and final correction. I'm saying drop the timer entry, which means
    > drop the call to request_irq() for irq0.

    Right, that's a real good suggestion. Here's the patch especially for
    you. Apply it and figure out yourself, why your computer won't boot


    Index: linux-2.6.20/arch/i386/mach-default/setup.c
    --- linux-2.6.20.orig/arch/i386/mach-default/setup.c
    +++ linux-2.6.20/arch/i386/mach-default/setup.c
    @@ -95,8 +95,10 @@ static struct irqaction irq0 = {
    void __init time_init_hook(void)
    irq0.mask = cpumask_of_cpu(0);
    setup_irq(0, &irq0);

    #ifdef CONFIG_MCA

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