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SubjectRe: 2.6.20-rc6-mm3
On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 22:41 +0100, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Daniel Walker <> wrote:
> > > we could make this clearer by renaming 'LOC' (which stands for
> > > 'LOCal timer interupts' and was added [and misnamed] by yours truly
> > > many moons ago) to 'apic-timer' and 'timer' to 'PIT-timer' but
> > > /that/ would be more of a userspace visible change than the change
> > > in the counter rates.
> >
> > If we change the current "timer" entry to be listed as "lapic-timer"
> > and not "IO-APIC-edge" (or one of the other names) and replace it with
> > the count from LOC , [...]
> doing that would not fake the old behavior (which is your suggestion),
> LOC is per CPU, while the PIT timer irq that was there is global.
> But, as per the previous mails, the new behavior is just fine, because
> /proc/interrupts just reflects reality. And the way the kernel utilizes
> the hardware has just changed - for the better.
> The same happens when say a network driver implements NAPI: the IRQ
> count goes way, way down. Or if a driver starts supporing MSI - the IRQ
> line even moves to another one. Do we try to fix those counts up to
> match the 'previous behavior'? Of course not. What you are suggesting
> makes no sense, is against current kernel practices - as we pointed it
> out to you 7 mails ago.

I'm not saying we should "fake" anything .. I'm saying list what's
really happening .. In a human readable way .

Your saying we should keep it unreadable, and let the users be that much
more confused .. Which I don't agree with.

> > [...] that would make sense cause that field already changes depending
> > if you have a io-apic or not ..
> (that is something else: it's different because a different irq-chip is
> behind it.)

Why is that not the case with lapic ?


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