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    SubjectRe : [PATCH] Compressed ia32 ELF file generation for loading by Gujin 1/3
    H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > Actually, as far as I can see, he has re-invented having a real-mode
    > code chunk which then gets run before the protected-mode kernel. We
    > already have that!

    I did not claim to have invented anything there, this is just a quite
    simple C code to execute instead of the current real mode assembly:
    it is a rewrite with obvious advantages/disadvantages.
    New features are more that this real-mode function can return an error
    to the bootloader to tell something to the user, so the user can select
    another kernel with the right processor, another video mode... with
    clean error messages - not a crash dump because this assembly
    instruction is not for that processor.
    I am still saying that the bootloader knows the root filesystem to
    be used by the kernel it loads, and that ELF is a clean format to
    store different sections to be loaded into memory at predefined
    addresses. Also there isn't any more kernel size limit.


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