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SubjectQuestion: Status of marvell's PATA 88SE6101 controller on intel boards

I am going to buy a intel DG965RYCK motherboard. The board looks ok to me ,
but I found that it contains marvell's 88SE6101 PATA controller , and I need to use PATA.

I also noticed that 2.6.20 adds experimentally support for that chip.
But driver says that it enables it via 'legacy mode'

I will be glad to hear whenever full support is planned or not.

And as last thing I want to ask you whenever current support is usable,
that is can I use DMA , can I use DVD as at least reader for CD/DVD ,
and even better can I burn disks with it ( although I can live without it)

Your truly,
Maxim Levitsky

Maxim Levitsky

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