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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/28] Patches to pass vfsmount to LSM inode security hooks
Tony Jones wrote:
> The following are a set of patches the goal of which is to pass vfsmounts
> through select portions of the VFS layer sufficient to be visible to the LSM
> inode operation hooks.
I was looking forward to these patches for so long.

Chris Wright wrote:
> This kind of change (or perhaps
> straight to struct path) is definitely
> needed from AA.
Not only AppArmor, but also TOMOYO Linux needs these patches.

TOMOYO Linux is a pathname based access control patch like AppArmor.
I have been asked "Why not use LSM?" and the answer is always
"I can't, for VFS helper functions and LSM functions don't receive vfsmount."
and I am manually patching locations that call VFS helper functions.

But if these Tony's patches are accepted in upstream,
TOMOYO Linux would be able to use LSM.
I think these patches are also useful for auditing functions, for
auditing logs will be able to include absolute pathname
instead of partial pathname.
I think most people want access logs in the form of pathnames
rather than security labels.
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