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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/28] Patches to pass vfsmount to LSM inode security hooks

--- Tony Jones <> wrote:

> Introduction
> ------------
> The following are a set of patches the goal of which
> is to pass vfsmounts
> through select portions of the VFS layer sufficient
> to be visible to the LSM
> inode operation hooks.

> They are being posted now as a request for comment.
> Presently the AppArmor
> code - being a user of the LSM interface - does not
> receive the vfsmount
> correspoding to an operation and has to employ
> convoluted and slow mechanisms
> in an attempt to determine the vfsmount which are
> error prone.

Would it be possible for you to describe those
methods? Perhaps there is a better way to go
about getting the information you need without
introducing this level of change.

Casey Schaufler
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