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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2 of 4] Introduce i386 fibril scheduling
> Other questions really relate to the scheduling - Zach do you intend
> schedule_fibrils() to be a call code would make or just from
> schedule() ?

I'd much rather keep the current sleeping API in as much as is
possible. So, yeah, if we can get schedule() to notice and behave
accordingly I'd prefer that. In the current code it's keyed off
finding a stack allocation hanging off of current->. If the caller
didn't care about guaranteeing non-blocking submission then we
wouldn't need that.. we could use a thread_info flag bit, or
something. Avoiding that allocation in the cached case would be nice.

> Alan (who used to use Co-routines in real languages on 36bit
> computers with 9bit bytes before learning C)

Yes, don't despair, I'm not co-routine ignorant. In fact, I'm almost
positive it was you who introduced them to me at some point in the
previous millennium ;).

- z

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