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SubjectRe: hdparm for lib_pata
Patrick Ale wrote:
> Good morning all,
> About the reason as of why it drops to PIO mode, I might have found
> the reason for this, I am just not sure if what i found is related.
> When I opened my Athlon XP machine, took the cables out and replaced
> them for new cables, I found out that my southbridge fan wasnt
> spinning anymore, at all.
> So my guess is that this chip is overheated at some point and starts
> causing problems.
> Now, it was always my comprehension that the southbridge does indeed
> control the ATA controller but only the onboard one, so even if the
> chip is having heat problems, my PCI add-on cards should still work on
> full UDMA100 speed, right?

The southbridge usually runs the PCI bus connected to the slots, so it's
possible that PCI bus issues were causing problems..

> I am re-assembling my athlon board again today, and as soon as I get
> the falling back to PIO mode errors again in dmesg I'll forward you
> the messages, like you asked :)
> If someone could shine a light on my question about the southbridge,
> I'd really appriciate it, email me privately if you prefer.
> Thanks!
> Patrick
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