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SubjectRe: Bcm43xx oops after suspend to disk
On 1/29/07, Larry Finger <> wrote:
> Matthew Garrett wrote:
> > On Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 01:55:41PM +0100, roucaries bastien wrote:
> >> - return 0;
> >> + return bcm43xx_init_one(pdev, NULL);
> >> }
> >
> > While this may well work (it's basically equivalent to unloading and
> > reloading the module), it's not a long-term fix - userspace is going to
> > notice the interface vanishing and reappearing. Larry, I guess you just
> > mean this as a test patch?
> >
> Yes. If this doesn't work, then we have real problems. If it does, then I try to find the part that
> is missing in the current code.

Sorry for the delay it works. This time I can use iwlist eth scan.
I have some difficulties to associate and I need to rmmod/modprobe in
order to associate but it is another problem linked to a really weak

Another good point is:
- before path : wifi link led is off before suspend and on after
- after patch: wifi link led is always off.
Initialisation problem?

I will send you dmesg by private mail.

Regards bastien
> Larry
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