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SubjectRe: 2.6.20-rc7: known regressions
Le vendredi 02 février 2007 à 17:55 -0800, Andrew Morton a écrit :
> - I have efi-x86-pass-firmware-call-parameters-on-the-stack.patch, but
> I'm not sure it's right and unless something really rapid happens, we'll
> ship with that bug unfixed.

Things I can say:
- Works for me :-)
- When you look at the code, it's obvious that switching to -mregparm=3
changed the way we call into EFI runtime services. If you consider that
that old code was correct, then the patch is needed to keep the good
calling convention.
- It touches only arch/i386/kernel/efi.c which is compiled only with
- It changes code that is called only when booted in EFI mode.

Last 2 points mean the user base is pretty limited, which can be taken
both as an argument to push it for the release or not to. I'd obviously
prefer that someone knowledgeable about EFI looks at it and ACKs before
it goes in.


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