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SubjectRe: [PATCH] lirc: remove backwards compatibility macro obfuscation
Hi Pekka,

on 02 Feb 07 at 10:39, you wrote:
> On 02 Feb 2007 05:54:00 +0100, Christoph Bartelmus <>
> wrote:
>> Any help welcome.

> Here's a start.

As I'm running a 2.4 kernel myself you will probably understand that I
am a bit reluctant to drop 2.4 support from LIRC right now.

Possible ways to handle this:
1. lirc-0.8.2 will be the last release officially supporting 2.4. I
remove backwards compatibility after this release.
2. I create a CVS branch for 2.6 only version.

Drawbacks of 1.: also support for some older 2.6 kernels would have to
be dropped as there have been API changes in 2.6 kernels.

Drawbacks of 2.: have to maintain 2 branches in parallel for some time.

But before continuing to discuss the further procedure and minor code
optimisations you should know which major changes need to be done to
LIRC drivers before thinking of a merge to the kernel:

1. LIRC requires an official device major number! A minor number system
should be defined.
2. Some of the drivers need to be rewritten to support more than one
device at a time. Esp. lirc_serial needs to be rewritten to handle more
than one serial port in parallel.

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