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    SubjectRe: [PATCH]: Fix radeon blanking return value.
    On Wed, 2007-02-28 at 16:20 -0800, David Miller wrote:
    > If you'll recall, over a year ago, I pointed out that the current
    > Radeon driver erroneously returns -EINVAL for valid blanking codes,
    > here is a link to that thread:
    > No other driver does this, and it confuses the X server into thinking
    > that the device does not support blanking properly.
    > As a result I have to switch to a console VC and back to the X server
    > to unblank the screen, which is rediculious.
    > I've had to do this for more than 3 years and I'm really tired of this
    > problem still being around :-)
    > I looked again and there is simply no reason for the Radeon driver to
    > return -EINVAL for FB_BLANK_NORMAL. It claims it wants to do this in
    > order to convince fbcon to blank in software, right here:
    > if (fb_blank(info, blank))
    > fbcon_generic_blank(vc, info, blank);
    > to software blank the screen. But it only causes that to happen
    > in the FB_BLANK_NORMAL case.
    > That makes no sense because the Radeon code does this:
    > val |= CRTC_DISPLAY_DIS;
    > in the FB_BLANK_NORMAL case so should be blanking the hardware, and
    > there is therefore no reason to SW blank by returning -EINVAL.
    > Therefore I propose we finally apply the following patch. No other
    > fbdev driver does this madness, and as I've shown above there is no
    > justification for the behavior at all :-)

    This was before radeonfb did not fully differentiate each blanking
    levels. Currently, it is fixed, so I agree with this patch.

    > Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
    Acked-by: Antonino Daplas <>


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