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SubjectRe: Problem with freezable workqueues

> > I'm afraid this is racy. We can't touch *cwq, it may be freed. Suppose
> > that another thread does destroy_workqueue(), and we thaw that thread
> > before cwq->thread.
> Okay, in that case I'd suggest removing create_freezeable_workqueue() and
> make all workqueues nonfreezable once again for 2.6.21 (as far as I know, only
> the two XFS workqueues are affected).
> Pavel, would that be acceptable?

Not sure... I really dislike XFS running while we are doing
swsusp. I'd like to move in direction of freezeable workqueues in the

Anyway, if it gets us out of current trouble... yes I guess we can do
(cesky, pictures)
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