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Subject[patch 00/12] Syslets, Threadlets, generic AIO support, v5

this is the v5 release of the syslet/threadlet subsystem:

this release took 4 days to get out, but there were a couple of key
changes that needed some time to settle down:

- ported the code from v2.6.20 to current -git (v2.6.20-rc2 should be
fine as a base)

- 64-bit support in terms of a x86_64 port. Jens has updated the FIO
syslet code to work on 64-bit too. (kernel/async.c was pretty 64-bit
clean already, it needed minimal changes for basic x86_64 support.)

- 32-bit user-space on 64-bit kernel compat support. 32-bit syslet and
threadlet binaries work fine on 64-bit kernels.

- various cleanups and simplifications

the v4->v5 delta is:

17 files changed, 327 insertions(+), 271 deletions(-)

amongst the plans for v6 are cleanups/simplifications to the syslet
engine API, a number of suggestions have been made for that already.

the linecount increase in v5 is mostly due to the x86_64 port. The ABI
had to change again - see the async-test userspace code for details.

the x86_64 patch is a bit monolithic at the moment, i'll split it up
further in v6.

As always, comments, suggestions, reports are welcome!

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