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Subject2.6.21-rc1 and 2.6.21-rc2 kwin dies silently
openSUSE 10.3 Alpha and KDE-3.5.6, xorg-x11-7.2. KDE is setup not to
require a password to unlock, but it asks for password. When the screen
unlocks, kwin is gone with no errors logged in /var/log/kdm or
/var/log/messages. No problems with 2.6.20.

Same problem on openSUSE 10.2 x86_64, KDE-3.5.5 and 2.6.21-rc2.

Sid Boyce ... Hamradio License G3VBV, Licensed Private Pilot
Emeritus IBM/Amdahl Mainframes and Sun/Fujitsu Servers Tech Support Specialist, Cricket Coach
Microsoft Windows Free Zone - Linux used for all Computing Tasks

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