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Subject[ANNOUNCE] qgit-1.5.5
qgit is a git repository GUI browser. This is mostly a bug fix release.

Due to a change in git-rev-list output in git version 1.5 and above in
case of commit encoding information old version of qgit are no more
compatible and big issues in revision list view are possible under
some circumstances.

So an upgrade to this release is strongly suggested for all the users
of new version of git (1.5 and above).

Download tarball from or
directly from git public repository

Please refer to for additional


P.S: There is also a Qt4 version (works under Windows) downloadable
from git:// it is a little bit experimental

ChangeLog from 1.5.4

- fix a spurious double popup menu in rare cases

- add support to show user info in Edit->Settings->Commit

- file names cache optimization: reduce load time by 35% and memory by 30%

- fix opening a repo from a read-only filesystem

- filter out StGIT bases in our tag list

- use light orange for remote branches (Pavel Roskin)

- add 'Remote branches' context sub menu

- fix disappearing merge files list when browsing revs

- delay cache loading a little bit and fix a bug

- fix a parsing error in case of combined merges

- support new git text encoding policy in log messages

- fix a subtle bug that could lead to miss an update event

- fix bug in revisions loading sequence numbers

- fix parsing in case of revision headers with extended information

- fix stripping of comments in commit dialog message
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