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SubjectRe: Boot time Bluetooth BUG: warning: (value > m) at hid-core.c:793
> > > I've set up the hid-core.c to DEBUG mode... and it literally got pretty
> > thanks for the output. Is this really the full output? The important part
> > - report descriptor dump - seems to be missing in the output (it should
> > read something like "hid-core.c: report descriptor (size XY, read YZ) =
> > ... some hexadecimal numbers". This should be output by the time the HID
> > device is connected.

The full dmesg with define DEBUG was included in the original message. Unless
something else was needed?

> Can I get something useful without a kernel recompile, with something
> like evtest? I have users on Fedora hitting this too. It very likely is
> a regression caused by the new unified HID.

I was actually getting that on a stock FC6 kernel. The dmesg output comes
from a recompiled vanilla 2.6.19.x with the exact same configuration BUT the
modified define's in hid-core.c and a local version appended to the .config
file. So this BUG does not only affect FC6 users but also the vanilla


Good thing, I've added myself to the CC list of both.

> -- Pete

- vin
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