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SubjectRe: libsata doesn't like bus without master
On 2/22/07, Paul Rolland <> wrote:
> Hello,

> <please no flame war>
I dont think there is one or that this reply of yours could cause it :P

> Just to add my $0.02 on this point : this could also be one of the problem
> I'm facing on my machine right now, but the point is that Windows supports
> it perfectly. At least that proves it can work, and it does work.

If I read the posts correctly it was allready established that the
drivers in Linux should support this but yes, I do agree with you,
whatever a BIOS supports should be supported by the kernel as well in
my opinion. And, at least the BIOSes and drives I used, support single
slave operations, how stupid this might be :)

Anyways, today is my first day at work again after a fever, so I will
be messing with stuff and hardware again, and will try to do some more
tests/breakage hoorah.

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