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SubjectRe: no backlight on radeon after recent kernel "upgrade"s
On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Richard Purdie wrote:
> I have a thinkpad with Intel GM graphics ;-). I need it to work so I try
> not to experiment too much on it. I've just tried the ibm-acpi driver
> and it doesn't work well :-(.

2.6.21-rc, or 2.6.20? If it is in 2.6.21, could you give me a report of how
it fares on 2.6.20?

> * 'cat brightness' != 'cat actual_brightness' upon bootup (doesn't have

Hmm, I see this in 2.6.20 too. And brightness is the one that is buggy. I
will look into it.

> * 'echo 0 > brightness' lowered the intensity but by a level or two, not
> set it to level 0. A couple of more attempts and it did jump from 7 -> 1
> and so on, it seems erratic.

I know it used to work fine before 2.6.20. Let me check... works fine on a
T43, 2.6.20 (Radeon X300). I need more data to fix it :-)

> actual_brightness always seems to be correct, as does brightness so it
> looks like its not updating the hardware correctly.

Well, if you have the ACPI video module loaded, unload it. Does it work

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