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SubjectRe: patch x86_64-fix-2.6.18-regression-ptrace_oldsetoptions-should-be-accepted.patch queued to -stable tree
On Wednesday 21 February 2007 00:41, wrote:
> This is a note to let you know that we have just queued up the patch titled
> Subject: x86_64: fix 2.6.18 regression - PTRACE_OLDSETOPTIONS should
> be accepted
> to the 2.6.18-stable tree. Its filename is

Since you are still maintaining 2.6.18, I've just sent another patch for that,
i.e. the backport of commit 14679eb3c50897889ba62f9a37e3bcd8a205b5e7.
Could you still merge it in this release, especially since this is the last
2.6.18-stable you are doing?
Also, this patch should also be merged in 2.6.20, but I saw no mail about
this, so I wanted to make sure it's heading there too.

> x86_64-fix-2.6.18-regression-ptrace_oldsetoptions-should-be-accepted.patch
> A git repo of this tree can be found at

Hmm, this should be (note the missing gregkh in the path):;a=summary
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