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SubjectRe: Recent and not-so problems with tifm_sd driver

--- Pierre Ossman <> wrote:

> Alex Dubov wrote:
> >
> > You'll agree, I think, that add_disk in mmc_block_probe issues a lot of requests (reads
> partition
> > table, fs superblocks and such - plenty of room for critical errors). Then, driver's remove
> method
> > will not be called before driver's probe method had finished. So mmc_block is quite involved,
> even
> > though it does not affect the problem's resolution.
> I agree that mmc_block's probe method will generate a whole bunch of requests.
> But I don't see how that can be called given the scenario you describe.

-> queue thread starts running
-> issues a lot of requests; card fails, my drivers calls mmc_remove_host, which in
turn calls device_del, though we are still in device_add

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