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SubjectRe: GPL vs non-GPL device drivers
On 2/16/07, Scott Preece <> wrote:
> On 2/15/07, Miguel Ojeda <> wrote:
> > Stupid, maybe. But some people just don't want closed-source
> > projects/companies like yours using their free work, without any kind
> > of feedback. Some others don't care, but they could in the future, as
> > it is their code, and that is your risk.
> >
> ---
> So, how are such companies any different from the myriad individuals
> and companies that use Linux on the desktop or in their server rooms
> without ever modifying it and who also contribute nothing back to the
> community? They are also, in many (most?) cases taking advantage of
> the free (as in beer) nature of Linux - saving money by using the work
> of others without returning anything, but the product builders seem to
> get a lot more abuse...
> scott

Well, as I pointed out in other message, I think there is a difference
between using the GPL'd code (as user), and modify it, link closed
modules, create derivated closed code, and then redistribute

I'm not saying that we should prevent companies using Linux for money,
I'm just saying that if someone modify some GPL'd code or link or
something like that, he/she should release such code as GPL'd; and
that is the feedback for the original authors: The improvement of the

I don't care if this this or other company makes money, it is free to
do it, but it would be better to receive feedback as opening such
closed modules. Anyway, it is not clear if opening the source would
break his business or help it.

Miguel Ojeda
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