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    SubjectRe: GPL vs non-GPL device drivers
    On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 10:25:12PM -0800, v j wrote:
    > Please point me to where it says I cannot load proprietary modules in
    > the Kernel.

    Some people consider modules derivative works, since they link with
    pieces of the kernel. Distributing derivative works are considered
    distributing the original work, which means the GPL applies to the

    > I know his opinion. I don't debate his opinion. It is his code. I
    > choose not to use his code because of the license issue.
    > No, just that the trend is disturbing. If enough Kernel Developers
    > choose to write their Software in a way that prevents others from
    > using it freely, then that is troubling. Especially when these Kernel
    > Developers are substituting existing interfaces in the Kernel with
    > ones that are NEW and require specific licenses.

    devfs had issues. Someone (Greg) provided something better. devfs went
    away when nothing in the kernel needed it anymore. That something
    outside the kernel was using devfs, well who cares. That is the outside
    code's problem if they don't keep up. If they happen to have any issues
    with the replacement system, then that too is their problem and only
    their problem.

    Len Sorensen
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