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SubjectRe: GPL vs non-GPL device drivers
On 2/16/07, v j <> wrote:
> This is only because of the terms of GPL. Morally, as many here have
> pointed out this should fall into the same category.

I say it does. If you have the ability, and enjoy Linux, you should
try and make the time to contribute some code or other assistance to
the Linux project.

> Atleast we try and report genuine bugs and submit patches when
> necessary.

Good stuff.

> We get abuse however because it is not clear what the terms
> of GPL are WRT loadable modules. If this were written in black and
> white and we knew what we were fighting against, this would not be an
> issue. We only get crap because no one here yet knows how to interpret
> proprietary modules loaded into the kernel.

It's written in black and white, in the license. Apart from that,
Greg KH has made his opinion clear, and you have said you understand
and don't debate that he holds this opinion, and his code is what you
said you were linking to (the sysfs/class stuff), so why do you keep
saying that "it is not clear".

Do you think that, somehow, Linus' opinion trumps Greg KH's opinion on
his own code?

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