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SubjectRe: GPL vs non-GPL device drivers
Theodore Tso wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 10:27:10PM -0800, v j wrote:
>> You are right. I have not contributed anything to Linux. Except one
>> small patch to the MTD code. However, I don't think that is the point
>> here. I am perfectly willing to live with the way Linux is today. I am
>> telling you as a user that if Linux continues on the current path it
>> will become less and less attractive to Embedded Users.
> But so what? How will that hurt *Linux*? If the Embedded developers
> don't contribute changes back, it doesn't hurt us any if they go away
> and start paying $$$ to VxWorks instead of using Linux for free.

I disagree. Linux needs popularity at the moment.

Otherwise, Linux may be in for a hard time once manufacturers standardize on TPM-enabled
processors that only allow 'authorized' code to run. And it looks like this is going to

Unless there is a sufficient user base (ie a market) for Linux, what incentive are Intel,
AMD, etc going to have to make their hardware run anything except code signed by Microsoft?

When taken off modern CPUs, Linux will be relegated to hobby cpu fabs, legacy hardware and
maybe a niche back in the embedded market. Then watch development all but stagnate.
Something I'd rather not see happen.


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