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SubjectRe: GPL vs non-GPL device drivers
On 2/14/07, Neil Brown <> wrote:
> > Not everybody has to be a contributor. The reason Linux is popular is
> > because of its openness. Take that away and see where it goes.
> So tell us? where does it go?
> You seem to have the experience already. You took an open linux,
> added some closed drivers and so made it closed. So you yourself (or
> your company) have taken that (the openness) away - where did the
> result go?
> I'm guessing it went into a dead-end or you wouldn't be here talking to
> us now.

If adding closed drivers to Linux is illegal, I am perfectly fine with
that. Just say so. I am not at a dead-end yet, until you make that
statement. Once you make that statement, then all bets are off. I am
betting that most companies will not even consider Linux as an
alternative in the embedded space if this were the case.
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