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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] aio: fix kernel bug when page is temporally busy
    > If invalidate_inode_pages2_range() will return EIOCBRETRY as the patch
    > "aio: fix kernel bug when page is temporally busy"

    Sorry Leonid, this patch is not safe.

    It returns -EIOCBRETRY without guaranteeing that kick_iocb() will be
    called. This can lead to operations hanging, both AIO and calls that
    come through do_sync_{read,write}.

    It overwrites -EIOCBQUEUED, leading to an aio_complete() while a
    retry is happening. This can lead to reference count confusion.
    Double-frees, referencing freed memory, that kind of thing. This
    isn't a new problem. The current code that overwrites with -EIO has
    this problem. But moving to -EIOCBRETRY does introduce new behaviour
    of aio_complete() and the retry path racing.

    I'll have a candidate patch to address the problem of EIO being
    raised on the way back up from a path which has returned -EIOCBQUEUED.

    - z
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