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Subject[patch 00/14] Syslets, generic asynchronous system call support, v2

this is the v2 release of the syslet subsystem. This is an interim
release, not all known and pending items are fixed/changed yet - the
tree is still work in progress:

The biggest conceptual change in v2 is the ability of cachemiss threads
to be turned into user threads. This fixes signal handling, makes them
ptrace-eable, etc. (I've updated the sample userspace code at the URL
above to also do user-space cachemiss processing - just Ctrl-Z the
async-test.c run to trigger it action.)

Things not yet done in v2 and planned for v3:

- multiple completion rings support

- share the 'spare thread' between multiple rings, to further reduce
startup costs.

- remove mlock() reliance

Changes since v1:

- FPU support fixed: detach FPU state from kernel thread state
(implemented by Arjan van de Ven)

- remove superfluous CLONE_VM from create_async_thread()
(noticed by Jens Axboe)

- sys_umem_add() does not ignore -EFAULT of __put_user()
(noticed by Andrew Morton)

- use VERIFY_READ instead of VERIFY_WRITE in copy_uatom()
(noticed by Andrew Morton)

- move schedule() to tail of loop in cachemiss_loop()
(noticed by Andrew Morton)

- added move_user_context() arch op

- added async_syscall() and recursion protection against re-entry of
sys_async_exec(), sys_fork()/sys_clone(), etc.

- added sys_async_thread() call - a user-space thread can thus call
back into the syslet subsystem and continue cachemiss work.

- further cleanups in the include files

- race fixes to sys_async_wait()

- optimized out the kmalloc()/kfree() of the async_head

- async_thread structure not on the kernel stack anymore, to allow
async contexts to run user-space.

- added support for head_stack and head_eip to enable the initial
thread/task to run a cachemiss user context too, if it gets turned
into a cachemiss thread.

As always, comments, suggestions, reports are welcome.

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