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SubjectRe: libsata tests started
Patrick Ale wrote:
> So, my AMD Athlon XP2400+ with pata_pdc2027x, pata_sil680 and pata_via
> Now, since functionality by design is boring and my employer doesn't
> torture me enough,, I' pulled the libsata-dev git and linux-2.6 git
> and will see how that goes.

It's libata. I mean, you yourself are testing several PATA drivers.

> Tests on my Siemens laptop are still in progress, since i have to
> reboot to windows every day (cooperate rules at work, network
> authentication, yadayada).
> I didnt have time yet to install Linux on my HP Pavilion dv8373 and on
> my Dual P2 400Mhz with Intel 440BX motherboard, but I hope to do this
> soon.
> Have a joyfull day and i hope you have better weather than we have
> here in Amsterdam.

I appreciate the testing. One interesting but tedious test would be
suspend tests (both to disk and ram). Most libata drivers using new EH
should be ready for them. Oh, well, there's should and there's reality.

Thanks a lot.


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