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    SubjectRe: [linux-pm] Suspend to RAM, Sony Vaio PCG-SRX51P, lcd stays off
    On Thu, February 15, 2007 11:36 am, Pavel Machek said:
    > Hi!
    >> I own an older Sony Vaio SRX51P, European Model, P3 based. s2ram
    >> identifies it with
    >> sys_vendor = "Sony Corporation "
    >> sys_product = "PCG-SRX51P(DE) "
    >> sys_version = "01 "
    >> bios_version = "R0232U2"
    >> Suspend to RAM by using "s2ram -v -m -f" actually works and the
    >> laptop comes back to life, is accessible by network, etc. kudos
    >> so far.
    >> The only but serious problem is, that the lcd stays off after
    >> resume. No matter what kind of options for s2ram I try, if I disable
    > Is the _lcd_ off or the _backlight_ off? Use bright flashlight to
    > tell.
    >> framebuffer or suspend from X, the lcd always stays off. Only
    >> a reboot fixes this. Note that the X driver also cannot dis-/enable
    >> the lcd (xset dpms force off). It always stays lit. I also tried
    >> with i810switch, but that also does not affect the lcd.
    >> spicctrl -b42 neither.

    (unrelated to your suspend problems) does the sony-laptop (formerly
    sony_acpi) module helps controlling brightness?
    (should appear soon or you can eventually grab it from the linux-acpi tree)

    >> Latest kernel I tested is 2.6.20-git11 from today.

    I read reports of successful suspends on that laptop, eg:


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