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SubjectRe: [PATCH debugfs: implement symbolic links
On Tue, 13 Feb 2007 17:31:42 -0800,
Greg KH <> wrote:

> > That makes it easy to get return code checking wrong (especially
> > considering the comment above), and a number of callers do get it wrong.
> They do?

For example, fs/ocfs2/super.c only checks for NULL (while neither
selecting nor depending on debugfs), or drivers/block/pktcdvd.c will
only check for IS_ERR(). (Many callers don't seem to care about return
codes at all.)

> The goal here is not to force the caller to care if debugfs is enabled
> or not.

And that's definetly a good thing. (Looking again, not checking for
IS_ERR() isn't as bad as I thought, as the code will continue to do
nothing if called again for a non-existing dentry.)

> > At the very least we should change the misleading comment.
> agreed, patches always welcome :)

OK, just changing the comment looks like the most sensible thing to do.
I'll roll up a patch.
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