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SubjectRe: xfs internal error on a new filesystem
On 2/14/07, Ramy M. Hassan <> wrote:
> Hello,
> We got the following xfs internal error on one of our production servers:

Hi, I want firstly to make a disclaimer that I am not an XFS or kernel
guru, what I am writing now is purely my experience, since I use XFS
on all my machines, on different disks and all.

I encountered the problem you have now, twice over the past three years.
Once it was caused by a faulty disk where the 8MB cache on the disk
was faulty, causing corruption, and one time it was cause of, what
seems to be, a CPU that couldnt handle XFS. This sounds illogical, and
to me too, honestly, but the explanation I got was that XFS writes are
quite CPU intensive, especialy when you write with 500MB/s and we
tried to do this on a PII-400Mhz.

I tried reiserfs aswell, and I honestly cant give you one reason to
switch back to it. I love XFS, always did, its fast and reliable.
Problems that I had were never related to XFS but to hardware that had
to deal with XFS in a way (CPU/disk).

And, xfs_repair DID repair my filesystems, the data was on the disks,
and valid, XFS just shut down my filesystem cause it found my journal
not reliable/corrupted.

Again, please be aware that I am just a regular user who likes to play
around with linux and the kernel, I am no expert in the field of XFS
or its relations.

I hope this helps you a bit.

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