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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix d_path for lazy unmounts
On Sunday 04 February 2007 16:15, Neil Brown wrote:
> The behaviour in the face of a lazy unmount should be clarified in
> this comment.


> If sys_getcwd is called on a directory that is no longer
> connected to the root, it isn't clear to me that it should return
> without an error.
> Without your patch it can return garbage which is clearly wrong.
> With you patch it will return a relative path name, which is also
> wrong (it isn't a valid path that leads to the current working directory).

Right, it should return -ENOENT instead in that case. Fixed as well.

> I would suggest that 'fail_deleted' be (e.g.) changed to
> 'fail_condition' where two conditions are defined

The much cleaner interface is to check if the path returned starts with a
slash. If it doesn't, we know the path is bad as far as sys_getcwd() is
concerned. We will construct the partial path in __d_path before figuring out
that the path is disconnected, so no performance penalty, either.

> In reality, you are comparing "buflen < namelen+1" but spelling it as
> "buflen <= namelen". I would prefer the full spelling with least room
> for confusion.

I'm fine either way.

> Maybe:
> > + buflen -= namelen + 1;
> > + buffer -= namelen + 1;
> > + memcpy(buffer+1, dentry->, namelen);
> > + *buffer = '/';

That's better, yes.

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