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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.21 review I] [11/25] x86: default to physical mode on hotplug CPU kernels
Andi Kleen <> writes:

> What experimental evidence did you have?
> But I'm tempted to drop this unless the hotplug mystery can be cleared
> up. There was past information that logical is unsafe for hotplug.

Basically as I commented in genapic_flat, that at least on hyperthreading
cpus the destination mask is not always honored, and so if you only
allow one hyperthread I have seen the irq show up on the other hyperthread.

Now if the cpu is actually disabled I don't think that is a problem, but
I know early versions of hotplug did actually disable the cpu.

I think the renaming in this patch makes things clearer in a useful way.

The more I look at the hotplug cpu code the more I think it should be
filed under EXPERIMENTAL (as in the code is buggy and not ready for
production use yet).

Trying to see if I can improve the irq migration mess I stumbled upon
the following. Currently set_affinity needs to be called with
irq_desc[irq].lock held. It needs to be called from interrupt context.
And 1 millisecond delay appears utterly bogus, although the enable
the irqs do something disable the irqs likely flushes pending irqs.
A problem that cannot occurs differently if the irqs are migrated
from interrupt context.

Looking further this buggy set_affinity usage also appears in
setup_ioapic_dest. Although it is much less dangerous there,
as the code is largely a noop.

Is it just me or are we crazy for support software controlled irq

void fixup_irqs(cpumask_t map)
unsigned int irq;
static int warned;

for (irq = 0; irq < NR_IRQS; irq++) {
cpumask_t mask;
if (irq == 2)

cpus_and(mask, irq_desc[irq].affinity, map);
if (any_online_cpu(mask) == NR_CPUS) {
printk("Breaking affinity for irq %i\n", irq);
mask = map;
if (irq_desc[irq].chip->set_affinity)
irq_desc[irq].chip->set_affinity(irq, mask);
else if (irq_desc[irq].action && !(warned++))
printk("Cannot set affinity for irq %i\n", irq);

/* That doesn't seem sufficient. Give it 1ms. */

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