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SubjectRe: Regress for 8139too in 2.6.20
> On Sun, 11 Feb 2007 18:03:33 -0600 Larry Finger <> wrote:
> In kernel version 2.6.20, my network interface, a Uniden PCN 300 PCMCIA card that uses the 8139too
> driver fails to initialize with Yenta and 8139too as modules. It worked correctly in 2.6.19. Using
> git bisect, the bad commit is shown below:
> finger@sonylap:~/linux-2.6> git bisect good
> 8d610dd52dd1da696e199e4b4545f33a2a5de5c6 is first bad commit
> commit 8d610dd52dd1da696e199e4b4545f33a2a5de5c6
> Author: Linus Torvalds <>
> Date: Mon Dec 11 12:12:04 2006 -0800
> Make sure we populate the initroot filesystem late enough
> We should not initialize rootfs before all the core initializers have
> run. So do it as a separate stage just before starting the regular
> driver initializers.
> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
> :040000 040000 12bc13def90d15921d41d2b285854b3e157a970f f936e01f6b1b2b75478484861d34e81830c73860 M
> include
> :040000 040000 5673719c3f6b47b329cfc9554c112077634a9b19 9c2e768964af1500d62849836b9f8e801fe7f29e M
> init
> If Yenta is built into the kernel, rather than a module, it works again with 2.6.20.

That's a bit surprising - the initcall levels don't affect modules.
Presumably something went wrong in core kernel which later caused yenta
and/or 8139too to fail.

Have you tried diffing the before- and after-dmesgs to see if that particular
commit has caused any interesting differences?

And are you able to test any other cardbus devices to see whether it's
specific to 8139too?

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