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SubjectRe: [q] kbuild for private asm-offsets (Re: [PATCH 6/10] lguest code: the little linux hypervisor.)
> If you will have time for newbie, to explain in a few words, what is it need
> for (whole idea, or key detail), and, maybe, why it is generated so ... interestingly:
> asm-offsets.c -> *.s -> *.h
> (but this looks like interconnecting C and assembler, obviously)

Correct - asm-offsets is used to transfer constants for .c to assembler,
which us especially convinient for constant that differ when a stuct
is changed.

> I will glad to help providing solution maybe somewhat earlier (well, i'm
> trying to understand whole building process, if that matters).

Basically what is requested is to move the generic parts of asm-offsets
generation from top-level Kbuild file to a generic file somewhere.

Since this is not generic Kbuild functionality but more specific to the
kernel it should not be part of Kbuild generic files.
include/asm-generic/asm-offsets seems to be a fair place for it.

It would contain the sed-y parts as well as cmd_offsets definition.

I would be glad if you could give that a spin.

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