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SubjectUsing kernel with modules for nics that cause errors.
Question on using modules with kernel. 
I've been building the latest git kernels for the G4L project,
and the latest
kernels have added support for a lot of newer hardware, but
currently have
two of the nic drivers that cause problems when build into
the kernel.

DEPCA causes a kernel panic.
TLAN just stops during the boot.
Without these, the kernel boots fine. Unfortunately, I don't
have either of
these cards, so built it with these as modules, and put the
.ko files in the
/lib/modules/2.6.20 directory. Would the instructions for a
user that does
have one of these cards just to use insmod?

I generally have about 9000 downloads per month of the
project files, so
would assume that some users would have these cards.


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