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SubjectRe : [PATCH] Compressed ia32 ELF file generation for loading by Gujin 1/3
--- "Eric W. Biederman" <> wrote:
> What I was thinking is that in the not we place the physical address
> and length that we load the real mode code at. My assumption being
> that we have marked the real mode code __init or the equivalent,
> so we always load and just ignore it later on.

But Gujin need the real-mode part linked at zero and there isn't
anything linked at this address in the current Linux kernel, no
section at all. If you ask to do a separate link then I loose all
the symbols and the ELF standard tools are a lot less useable.

> Playing the games with the addresses does allow the existing debugging
> tools to work without problem because the end users of the code all
> examine the virtual not the physical address.

The linker also resolve relocation in virtual addresses so this part
needs virtual address = 0.

> I agree I want a reasonable bootloader as well.
> [snip]
> ELF should make it much easier for people implementing simple
> stand-alone executables for testing. As you don't even need a linker
> script or any fancy games if you don't take arguments. Similarly
> the switch from linux to multi-boot that almost standard is just
> supporting a different argument passing format.

There is plenty of possible future, but right now I have a simple
(OK, not perfect, but code is shown) solution which works.
I can modify bits, but there is no point complexifying the system
for possible theoretical problems - by experience you always miss
important future problem while overdesigning for some problem which
never appear.
If someone can show me a real problem - then I'd like to hear from him,
but ELF compatibility will not be up to the point where the user will
be able to run the kernel from a Xterm command line.


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