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Subject[PATCH 000 of 4] knfsd: fixes and enhancements for 2.6.21
Following are 4 patchs from knfsd suitable for 2.6.21.

Numbers 3 and 4 provide new usability features that require a new
nfs-utils to make full use of (all nfs-utils will ofcourse continue to
work providing the functionality it always provided).

(3) allows a 16 byte uuid to be used to identify the filesystem rather
than the device id (which is volatile) or a 32bit number (which has to
be managed manually). nfs-utils used libblkid to extract a uuid from
most filesystems. (Thanks Trond for reviewing this code - I hope you
like the changes).

(4) allows an upcall to be made to map a 'uid' to a list of 'gids'.
The AUTH_UNIX authentication protocol only carries 16 group ids which
causes problems for people with more than 16 group ids.

[PATCH 001 of 4] knfsd: Fix return value for writes to some files in 'nfsd' filesystem.
[PATCH 002 of 4] knfsd: Tidy up choice of filesystem-identifier when creating a filehandle.
[PATCH 003 of 4] knfsd: Add some new fsid types.
[PATCH 004 of 4] knfsd: Allow the server to provide a gid list when using AUTH_UNIX authentication.
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