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SubjectRe: NAK new drivers without proper power management?
On Sunday, 11 February 2007 22:02, Alan wrote:
> > > "If the device requires that, implement .suspend and .resume or at least
> > > define .suspend that will always return -ENOSYS (then people will know they
> > > have to unload the driver before the suspend). Similarly, if you aren't sure
> > > whether or not the device requires .suspend and .resume, define .suspend that
> > > will always return -ENOSYS."
> >
> > Sounds ok to me. Where should this text go?
> > Documentation/SubmittingDrivers ?
> And testing/submitting drivers, perhaps with additional text in that to
> make it clear we want suspend/resume support or good excuses
> "Please verify your driver correctly handles suspend and resume. If it
> does not your patch submission is likely to be suspended and only resume
> when the driver correctly handles this feature"

I have prepared a patch against Documentation/SubmittingDrivers. Please
have a look.

Documentation/SubmittingDrivers | 12 ++++++++++++
1 file changed, 12 insertions(+)

Index: linux-2.6.20-git4/Documentation/SubmittingDrivers
--- linux-2.6.20-git4.orig/Documentation/SubmittingDrivers
+++ linux-2.6.20-git4/Documentation/SubmittingDrivers
@@ -87,6 +87,18 @@ Clarity: It helps if anyone can see how
driver that intentionally obfuscates how the hardware works
it will go in the bitbucket.

+PM support: Since Linux is used on many portable and desktop systems, your
+ driver is likely to be used on such a system and therefore it
+ should support basic power management by implementing, if
+ necessary, the .suspend and .resume methods used during the
+ system-wide suspend and resume transitions. You should verify
+ that your driver correctly handles the suspend and resume, but
+ if you are unable to ensure that, please at least define the
+ .suspend method returning the -ENOSYS ("Function not
+ implemented") error. Note, however, that in such a case your
+ submission is likely to be suspended and only resumed when the
+ driver correctly handles this feature.
Control: In general if there is active maintainance of a driver by
the author then patches will be redirected to them unless
they are totally obvious and without need of checking.
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