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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Make aout executables work again
Parag Warudkar <> writes:

> This a reworked, replacement version of
> x86-fix-vdso-mapping-for-aout-executables-* series of patches in -mm.
> 1) Define arch_setup_additional_pages() as weak in linux/interp.h
> 2) Include linux/interp.h in appropriate places
> 3) Conditionally call arch_setup_additional_pages() from binfmt_*.c if
> the arch defines it
> 4) EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(arch_setup_additional_pages) for all x86{64},
> powerpc, sh - binfmt_aout can be built as module
> 5) Get rid of ARCH_HAS_SETUP_ADDITIONAL_PAGES from various places
> 6) For x86_64 - define and export arch_setup_additional_pages as a
> wrapper over syscall32_setup_pages, call it from ia32_aout.c
> Fully tested on x86. (Compile, boot and run the aout binary at
> Other arches - changes
> are minimal but still I'll appreciate if someone tests them.

I already fixed this in a different way -- just use the stack
trampoline on a.out

Can you double check

works for you?

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