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SubjectRe: Documenting MS_RELATIME
On Sat, Feb 10, 2007 at 09:56:07AM -0800, Michael Kerrisk wrote:
> Val,
> I'm just updating the mount(2) man page for MS_RELATIME, and this is the
> text I've come up with:
> MS_RELATIME(Since Linux 2.6.20)
> When a file on this file system is accessed, only
> update the file's last accessed time (atime) if
> the current value of atime is less than or equal
> to the file's last modified (mtime) or last sta-
> tus change time (ctime). This option is useful
> for programs, such as mutt(1), that need to know
> when a file has been read since it was last modi-
> fied.
> This text is based on your comments accompanying the various patches, but
> it differs in a respect. Your comments said that the atime would only be
> updated if the atime is older than mtime/ctime. However, what the code
> actually does is update atime if it is is <= mtime/ctime -- i.e., atime is
> older than or *or equal to* mtime/ctime.
> I'm sure that the code implements your intention, but before incorporating
> the above text I thought I just better check, since the code differs from
> your comment. Can you just confirm that the proposed man page text is okay.

Whilst on the subject of RELATIME, is there any good reason why
not to make this a default mount option ?


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